riga circle

DURATION: 2 - 3 h


  25 EURDouble kayak
  25 EURsingle kayak
  15 EURSUP board
  50EURTeam SUP board

Discover inexhaustible rhythm of the Riga Canal. On your way, greet captains of small boats or people, chilling on the sides of the canal. On hot days, go for refreshing paddling trough the canal fountains or watch the rays of the playful rainbow in them. Somewhere along the way meet the famous beaver of the Riga canal  - people tell us that he is most often noticeable at the Latvian National Opera listening opera. As soon as you will approach the turn of the market canal and kayaking under the Stockmann shopping center, you will discover completely different Riga - a bit gray, bustle, industrially romantic. By continuing to paddle into  Daugava, you can enjoy the Old Town panorama views. At the evenings, you can experience the most beautiful and brightest sunsets overlooking the Railway, Akmens and Vansu bridges. Sometimes they are a smoky golden, other times they glow in fiery pink tones and take our breaths away. Those little moments of life are the most memorable.

Pacefully going through all the urban adventures of sound, color, silhouettes, you will slowly return to Andrejsala.

Get incredible feeling by paddling past giant ferryboats at the Riga Passenger Port. And if you still have enough energy left, make your way to AB Dambis and view the entire Old Town panorama from the other side of the Daugava.

It is possible to turn the same route into a night adventure, illuminated by Riga city lights.